Laminated Tubes


Conjuring up sensations. Ideal synthesis between the barrier effect of aluminium and the feel and the flexibility of plastic. The constant update in R&D and the guaranteed procurement of raw materials enable Scandolara to best exploit the extraordinary properties of laminates, aboveall in the print phase. The laminate tubes can be decorated resorting to flexo print: screenprinted details and splendid elements hot printed on gloss or glazed lacquers that emphasize the product with emotional inserts.
For the production of laminate tubes, Scandolara offers its customers a broad choice of substrate material:

O ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminate)in the white and silver versions with different gauge of the inner aluminium layer (40, 30,20 e 12μ) for a total variable thickness of from 310 to 250μ;
O PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) and CASTCOEX (coestruso) where the typical aluminium barrier is replaced by a layer of from 15 to 25μ of EVOH (Ethylene Vinylalcohol), for at total variable thickness from 275 to 350μ;
O PBL and CAST COEX transparent with identical characteristic of white and other types of surface with the soft touch effect.

Laminate tube characteristics in brief
- The range of diameters: Ø19 al Ø40, from a minimum capacity of 15 ml up to reaching a max capacity of 175ml.
- The lengths vary from 80 mm up to 205 mm. All the threads can be fitted with a membrane guarantee seal.
- Nozzles and special capsules can be produced to the customer’s demand.